Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can I Have That Without A Loss Of Self-Esteem?

Well, certainly.

You just have to kick some self-esteem taker's ass and get on with your life.

I truly hate watching all these entertainment shows and seeing things on the internet about how a perfectly nice looking person looks like crap.

Oh, her thighs are huge.
She's wearing mom jeans.
She has cellulite.( OMG, call the police, this cannot happen to the beautiful people!)
She has a belly bump, she must be pregnant. But she's not.

Why do people have to nit pick about everything regarding other people?

I lost the giving a crap what other people think long ago.

I mean, I don't go to the store in my jammies or hair curlers like I have seen some people do. But, I don't always have to be rail thin and wear make-up before leaving the house.

If you don't like how I look, don't look at me.

I do show respect for others.
Like I don't wear my " A short comparative guide to religions" shirt certain places- like my mother's- so as not to offend them.

My mom is a majorly religious person.
Don't know what happened to me.
Cause, I am so not.

But, I don't count that as a self-esteem issue.
Or a give a crap issue.
It's respecting people I know.

When my daughter was little, I was always telling her what other people think doesn't matter. It is what YOU KNOW that matters.
If you are always worrying about what other people think, you are going to end up scared to really live and enjoy life.

So let people think what they want and say what they want.

I know how cool I am and that is what matters.

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