Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ahhhh, It's a Baby!

My amaryllis plant had a baby bulb.

My dad gave me a couple bulbs.
One flowering, one not.
Now I have three leaves coming up.

I don't know where that third bulb came from.
But there it is.

How do bulb plants make more bulbs?

I understand dividing roots and getting more plants.

But, I don't get planting a certain amount of bulbs and when you dig them up you have a whole bunch more.

Something else to do a search on.

I have a book, but it never does explain how baby bulbs come into existence.

I will have to get a picture taken.

Would have been prettier if the flowers weren't dead, but the baby bulb wasn't there when the flower was.

I have lots of things to post pictures of.

I got some pictures of Rusty and some of her little kitten.
Baby boy Pepper.
I love kittens.

I really shouldn't cause I am allergic.
But they are really cute you know.

I will try and get those done and up later.

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