Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome Is As Awesome Does!

Yes, I am AWESOME!

I am feeling so good about myself right in this very moment.

I must savor it.
The feeling may not last.

But, right now....

I'm queen of the world!

When I am on it, I am on it!

I found out what was wrong with some downloads not downloading and I fixed it.
I know, not rocket science.
But, I am the computer savy person in the house.

But, that is only cause I go in and look around and just have figured out things on my own.
What I can't, I look up on the internet.

That is all you can really do.

One time, no joke, I called my internet support cause I kept losing my internet.
I never got much help and finally figured out why it kept timing out and I fixed it.
They should have paid me.
I sure as hell did their work for them.

I do that a lot.
I try all the troubleshooting things first that I READ that I need to try.
If that doesn't work I call and they have me do everything I already did.
I tell them that I did that and they are just like "Well, let's just try it again".

And than they seem so surprised when it doesn't work.
Oy vey!

I have figured out how to fix things so many times just by reading manuals or looking up on the internet.
Or even just by using the ol' noggin.

More people should try usin' the ol' noggin thing.
It really works!

And that's why I am feeling so very awesome right now.

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