Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could Have Been Worse

So, I had planned to be up to take care of cats and fix breakfast before Honeyman got home from work.

But, that didn't work out too well.

Somehow the time on the clock was PM and I set my alarm for AM.
No wonder it didn't go off.

So it was the fastest making of french toast I have ever done.

So, it could have been worse.

I may not have woken up until after he got into bed.

It rained again last night.
But the broccoli is still trying to make a comeback.

So, it could have been worse.

It hasn't rained today yet and water is not standing in my garden.
Crossing my fingers cause the day ain't over.
Maybe the rain I see on the radar coming my way will somehow, mysteriously jump right over my house.

It is possible!
Yes, it is!

Gwen and I baked today. We made chocolate banana bread and apple dumplings.
What a great mom I am.
I will teach her all I know and she will be a fabulous cook.
Just like me. ;)

That wasn't too over the top, was it?

No, of course not.

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