Sunday, June 27, 2010

There Ought To Be A Law About That!


Is it so hard to open your mouth and say " All the ______ is gone"
Apparently so.

Men do it.
Little kids, you expect to.
But teenagers do too.

I have been so tired and I would really like to be sleeping right now.

But, no.
I am up making tea.


My daughter, nicely drank all the tea and never bothered to tell me when she took the last of it.

So, I go to shut the light off and there is the jug.
Empty on the table.

I was so mad.

Now, you are probably thinking.
Just go to bed and do it in the morning.

But, there is none for morning and I like to relax in mornings instead of rushing from the time I get out of bed.
Plus, I am just a tad anal about things like this.

Things like doing the dishes before bed.
Even if it is 1 in the morning.

Things like folding laundry as soon as it comes in from the line or dryer.

You get the idea.

So, there needs to be a law that says you always tell that you are out of something.

For God sakes these people put new rolls of toilet paper on the stand but they can't give me a head's up on the food and beverage selection or lack thereof?

What is the deal with that?

When I was my daughter's age I made kool-aid when we ran out.
Maybe I need to teach her how to make tea and lemonade.

She can do a cup of hot tea so that is something.

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