Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids- Gotta Love 'Em

Gotta tell ya though.
I am glad to only have one.

I love her to death but sometimes I am not sure how equipped I am to be a mother.

I have done a pretty good job.

My daughter has actually turned out to be a great human being.
She has good manners and is very responsible.
She is even fun to be around.
And still talks to me.

But, I couldn't handle having more.
I just don't have the patience for little kids.

And I just am not a baby person.

You know.
People that just turn all mushy when they see new babies.

I am an oddity among women in that regard.
Cause I have never felt the need to hold every baby that comes into my presence.
In fact, I'd just as soon not.

The older I get, the less I care to hold a baby.
Even with friend's babies.
I just don't wanna.

It makes me wonder if Kiddo ever becomes a mother, what kind of grandma I'd be.

I try not to wonder that too often, I'd just as soon not think Grandma thoughts for many years.

Honeyman mentioned grandparenthood a couple weeks ago and the thought of that was rather alarming.

It just seems to be many, many years away.
Like a speck in the distance.

Afterall 21/21/2012 is coming up in just 2 years so who knows?
Maybe we will all die and the possibility is all moot.

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