Monday, June 7, 2010

I Hate Myself For Loving You!

Why do we always want the things we shouldn't?

Or care about things that aren't doing us any good?

Maybe even causing us pain?

It could be people.
It could be clothes or shoes.

But, it my case it's cats.

I love cats.
They are so cuddly and they love me to bits.

But, alas!
I am allergic.

My throat gets all scratchy.
My nose is always plugged.
And my eyes itch and burn quite a lot.

Allergy meds give me medicine head and I am NOT doing those shots.
You have to get those shots for years.
I'd probably be done with them long enough for me to drop dead.

The greatest thing is I have a cat.

Didn't realize I had allergies til we got a second one.

It seems one cat is irritating, but a second really upped the symptom factor.

And when we go to the inlaws for Christmas Eve, it's the best!.
The best I tell you.

She has two birds and six- count 'em, six- cats.

Last year, my right eye swelled up pretty bad.
My mil thinks I should take allergy pills before going over there.

I think she shouldn't have six cats and two birds living inside a small house.

But, what do you do?

You live with it of course.

We still have both cats.

The first one still lives in the house.

The second one, who is probably the dumbest cat that has ever lived, is now an outside cat.
She got put out for starting to pee on things that do not resemble litter.

The doctor wanted me to get rid of Lacey. But I couldn't do that.
She's family.

Once she is gone we will not have another indoor cat.

Until than, I will live with with it.

I love my kitty.
But, I really hate how she makes me feel.

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