Monday, June 28, 2010

Next Blog!

OK, so I am perusing through the blogs on here.
Just jumping around.
Or hopping.
Or what say you.

And I wonder how it is decided what blogs come up.

Cause I just got several come up in Chinese.
And it was the same ones over and over.

And than you get sent to one that doesn't have a next blog thing on top.
How do you hop now?

I used to think they sent you to the ones that were recently updated but I was getting ones from December of last year so I don't think that is the case.

But, I notice when I do the next blog thing it seems to follow a theme.
Some days, like today, I get blogs written in ways I cannot read.
Other days I get a ton of religious blogs.

No offense to readers of these, but I don't want either.

I don't mind seeing them, but it is like they come in clusters.

Is it tied to the type of blog you were just on?
Cause I was never on a Chinese blog.
I was on mine.

But, I guess it could be the type of blog.

But, that doesn't always seem to hold true.

But, maybe that is the closest I am going to come to understanding.

But, I am a pretty eclectic kind a gal so I'd just like a total and complete mishmash of every kind of blog that is up.
That is all.

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