Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don'tcha Hate It When?

You turned the caps lock on for one reason or another and you forget you have it on.
Than you start typing and using the shift
and everything that is supposed to be in little letters is in big letters
and everything that is supposed to be in big letters is in little letters.

And since I am not always looking at the screen as I type(surprise!)
I have to delete a whole bunch of stuff and start all over with the caps lock off.
When I hit the caps lock it tells me it is off or its on.
But, after a few seconds that goes off the screen and than I am left to my own absentmindedness.

Yes, even I have my brain dead moments.
Thankfully, those moments are mostly things NO ONE else knows about.
don't tell anybody I do that.

I wouldn't anybody to think I am not totally together all the time.

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