Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Big Rubber Boots!

So, you know we have gotten a lot of rain?

Let's just say the earth wants Iowa to go back to wetlands.

My yard is squishy.
My front ditch is just about full.
I also have a major mess of a garden.

But, I still have some things growing so I had to get out there.
Hiking boots, which is what I normally wear in the garden, just ain't gonna cut it.
So I hauled out my big rubber boots.

I could sink practically to my knees and I wouldn't get muddy.
I'd have trouble moving, but I'd be clean looking.
These boots are the type that go on over shoes.

I put 'em on and my husband asks if they fit.
Did they fit?
Well, they went on, but they were ginormous.

So, here I go walking to the garden in these mammoth rubber boots.
Every time I took a step it made this whoosh sound.
Fun, fun!

But, I made it into the garden.
I got my stuff picked and only almost got stuck once.

Mother Earth was trying to suck me into her depths.
But, I resisted.
And after several mighty tugs, my rubber boots were free.

I have a feeling I will be wearing my big rubber boots many times this year.

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