Friday, August 27, 2010


What is with all these made up words?

One half this word and one half that word and it's a brand new word.

Am I chillin'?
Or am I relaxing?
I'm both,
I'm chillaxin', dude.

Now, I have used these words before.
That is so a funky word.

But, can you just stick any two words together for a whole new word?
Or, do some words not make any sense?

Let's see.
Fantabulous has already been done.

What if something is just rather plain and ordinary?
How bout plordinary?

I don't see that one catching on too well.

How do these things start and just catch on?

It is the same thing with couples names.

People's name are now being stuck together so it is just one name.

Celebrities get this and so do couples on soaps.
Why is this?

Not that I want one name for my honey and I.
But, just for the hell of it...
I am wondering what we'd be called.

Maybe Luth?

Or jumble them up and have it be Luthie?

And is this cool?
Or just a very lazy way of speaking?

I am voting for both.
I think it is just


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