Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling My Inner Zombie!

Ya know that feeling that you are barely alert enough to function and are downing caffeine like no tomorrow just to be that alert?
It's called the zombie phase.
And I am in it.

I am so exhausted.

I went out to my parent's house on Thursday and just came back this morning.
Which, just so you know, is three nights trying to sleep on a hard ass bed that has a plastic mattress cover.
So, not only is it hard, but every time you move to try and get comfortable(yeah, whatever), it makes noise.

I did come home with a buttload of corn and scads of tomatoes.
So, I have things to occupy my time this week.

They also sent cucumbers and I will be making pickles as soon as I get more stuff to make them.

It was a pretty good visit, over all.

There were some not so great moments when a "excuse me, I need in that drawer" would have been nice instead of just shoving me out of the way.
Yes, that really did happen.
Thanks, Mom.

Or, when political stances didn't mesh.
Even though I didn't bring it up, I apparently said the wrong thing and it was seized upon like a dog with a bone.

So, I don't side with illegal aliens.
So, my mom does.

I don't feel there should be an argument about it.
My opinion is not gonna change and hers isn't.
So why discuss it?

And then the illegal alien issue segued into how everyone in the US wants drugs and that's the whole root of the problem.


I really became at a loss for words as how to respond to all of this.

Interesting stuff.
Rather surreal
and maybe laughable, if only in your head.

I love 'em, but I am starting to wonder if they didn't think "Reefer Madness" was a true story.

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