Monday, August 16, 2010

You Are Truly... Replaceable

Call me crazy, if you will.
But Queen is not Queen without Freddie Mercury.
Go away Mr. Rodgers,
cause you ain't Freddie!

INXS just isn't the same without Michael Hutchence.

And AC/DC is not quite the same without Bon Scott.

I could go on and on.
But, you get the idea.

Not a fan of replacements.

I do accept AC/DC because Bon Scott said if he ever died Brian Johnson should take over singing duties.

Van Halen did well with Sammy instead of Dave.
But they really seemed like a completely different band.
And that was different because Dave left, he didn't die.

When a band member dies, it isn't the same band and pretending it is doesn't make it so.

I know life goes on and they are entitled to make money the way they want if they can.
But, I will also exercise my right not to spend a dime on Inxs reincarnated or Queen with Paul Rodgers.

And speaking of replacements, what is with KISS replacing Ace and letting the new dude wear his make-up?
Do you know, people actually think it is the original line-up?
Which, I believe, is what Paul and Gene want everyone to think.
Shameful KISS.
Just very, very shameful.

But, many bands seem to not be announcing line-up changes these days.
Do people not really care?
Or are the bands or studios being deliberately misleading?

Either way shouldn't it be made known?
Let the people make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to see a band live with a different guitar player or bass player or drummer.

Hell, the entire line-up of Tantric is different except for Hugo, the singer.

Sure you can find the info. online. But not all bands make it clear on their website.

I don't get it.
I really don't.

Not the same bands.
I wish they wouldn't even try.

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