Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working Mother????

Why is there even a term working mother?

Is there a mother out there that doesn't work?

OK, maybe ones that have nannies and don't have outside employment.
But, I am talking about the majority of women out there.

We all WORK.

Either we do it ALL day long at home or we do it at an office.

I work damn hard
and I don't get paid for it.

I clean the house and pay the bills.
I cook and bake.
I garden and can and freeze what I grow.
I fix the computer when it acts up.

When I had outside employment, I never had the time to can or freeze things or even cook home cooked meals.
Which saves money and is healthier.

I don't think staying home is any better than working somewhere else
and working somewhere else is no better than staying home.
There are pros and cons.

And we all have a choice to make.

I guess, maybe not all of us.
But, many of us do.

We have to decide what we believe is in our best interest and in the interest of our family.

But, for any one to say there are stay at home moms and working mothers,just needs to get a clue.

There is working EXCLUSIVELY at home and there is working OUTSIDE of the home.

I have done both and neither one is easy.

There is always something that has to be given up.

No such thing as having it all.

If anyone ever says they have it all, they are just fooling themselves.

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