Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yeah, I know Better!

So, here I am with my brain feeling all fuzzy.
I am eating a bowl of chocolate chips.

Yeah, I do that.
Sometimes, I throw in a spoon or two full of peanut butter for those two great tastes together.
Move over Reeses, I have peanut butter and chocolate chips!

I don't keep a lot of snack foods in the house, but I always have baking supplies.
Sometimes I just forgo the baking part.

So, this morning I was feeling pretty decent when I got Kiddo on the bus.
So, I pulled some weeds in the strawberry bed.

Than Honeyman got home and I got tired and started losing motivation.
So, I took a little nap.
Now, my brain feels kinda muddled.

It actually feels like something is sitting on my brain and smooshing it.

Do you ever feel that way?

I tend to when I take naps.
What is all that junk about power naps being refreshing and taking siestas are actually good for us.
I tell you what; power naps are a load of crap.
Lay down for 15 minutes and you will be ready to go.
HA, I say! HA!
It takes me at least that long to get to sleep.
The only time I have one is when I dose off in the chair, cause it's so cozy.
But, when I wait up my neck is crooked, my arm is asleep(cause I'm laying on it), and I feel like ass.

Feel like ass- that is a honeyman expression. Not sure if it refers to butt or the animal. But, either way it means like crap.
So, I would assume butt.

So, I shouldn't ever really take naps, but I do anyway.
You'd think I would learn that they don't really help.

But, hey this is me I am talking about.
Sometimes, I know better.
I just do it anyway.

But, if I lived completely by the I know better rule, I would have no fun and I'd have a lot less stuff.

Sometimes, you just gotta cast aside the thoughts and do what you want.

Not all the time, cause that would just be dumb.

Ignorance may be bliss
But, stupidity is just plain stupidity.

There is a difference you know.

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