Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Life Has Become

So it's Friday night/Saturday morning and I am making tea.
Not for hot tea to drink.
I am making a jug of tea to put in the fridge.

Yes, Ladies and Germs....
I am making iced tea at 2:00 in the morning.
On the night that just 20 years ago, I'd be shaking the booty all... night... long.

What has happened to me?

Is it age?
Is it marriage?
Is it motherhood?

Whatever it is,
it is just sad.

That I should have nothing better to do this time of the night than to make tea.
The only thing that sounds better is sleep.

Whoever said " I'll sleep when I'm dead" has got to be just plain stupid.
I mean, sleep is great.

Plus, you can't sleep when you're dead.
Cause, well, you're dead.

What are people thinking?

Oh, that's right.
They're not!

Maybe they were just so tired they couldn't think and when they came up with that strange logic it made sense to them.

Let's go with that one.

Cause I know I don't think so great when I am really tired.

I ramble and get really goofy.

But, I do also make some great observations at those times.

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