Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Grassy Knoll!

The picture above is of an Atlantic giant pumpkin plant. It is the section of the garden we have never been able to till since May.
I told you I had grass in my garden. I bought this natural weed preventer that adds nitrogen to the soil while it stops weeds from growing. I am wondering if the excessive rain we got combined with the nitrogen didn't cause a grass explosion.

This, of course, is my sweet corn. Strangely enough, we are getting some corn off it. I really thought it would be a goner. Some is, not all though. It is a pain walking through to pick.
This is where pie pumpkins and watermelon was supposed to grow. Guess not! The big bushy things are asparagus plants. Was so wet, I didn't get to harvest much and it all grew and blew over during a storm.
Here is another view of my corn. The farther down the row, the shorter the stalks.

You can see the humidity can't you? Went from inside with central air to outside in IA in August so condensation formed on the lens. Pretty funky.

We will have to mow before we can ever till.

That is if it ever dries out enough to get out there.

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