Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a Myspace Girl in a Facebook World

I miss Myspace.
I never hardly log in anymore.
What is the point?
No one else does.

Scratch that.
I have a cousin that updates her status once in a while.

Everyone has moved to Facebook.

I am used to Facebook now.

But, I hate how they are always changing things.

You know what is the biggest part of Myspace I miss.

I miss the profile pages.
Each one was different.

That is if you gave a shit, anyway.

Mine is really cool.
It is a woman that is half demon and half angel.
And that is pretty much me.

But, you go to Facebook and everybody's profile is pretty much the same.
Some people have different boxes.

But, where is the color?
The uniqueness of the individual?

I know there is the page rage but unless everyone has it it doesn't work.
Plus I can get it for me but it gets messed up when my daughter uses it.
No, I don't know why.
And what does it matter if making it different is never seen by anyone?
Major downer, dude.

But, if ya wanna talk to the people,ya gotta go where the people are.
And that's Facebook.

At least they haven't all left for Twitter.

I'd really be screwed.
I have a Twitter, but I don't twit much.

Yes, I know.
It's tweet.

But, I'll call it twit if I want to.

But, I really don't get the twit thing.
When you want to post on someone else's you are supposed to write @username
I think anyway.
Not sure.
Told ya I would be screwed.


  1. I can totally relate to this..I hate facebook! I enjoyed my myspace and it was easy and pretty and oh so simply to navigate. The good thing is since I discovered blogging , I'm now addicted to my blog! Good post!

  2. Sooo many people seem to like facebook better. I do not get that.


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