Thursday, October 21, 2010

That's What It's All About

Do the hokey-pokey and ya turn yourself around

That's what it's all about!

Ya put your left foot in,
you put your left foot out,
you put your left foot in,
and ya shake it all about

Do the hokey pokey and ya turn yourself around.

That's what it's all about.

Such is life.

Sometimes ya just gotta shake it all about and get rid of the melancholy, the same old, same old.

You get in a rut and life gets to be not so fun.

You just got to do it.

I know I do.

Life gets routine and you just go through the motions.
You forget what matters and what's fun.

You just do it all because you have to.
Or you think you have to.

Just take a break and enjoy life.

You get tired, go take a nap.

Really don't feel like vacuuming today?

Well, don't.
And don't feel guilty about it.

I still struggle with not feeling guilty about not getting everything done.

But, it really is OK.

The house won't fall apart.

If it did, I'd be homeless.

I don't clean as much as I should.
And sometimes I do feel guilty about it.

But, I am not happy if all I do is clean every day.

I have never been one for routine.

Some people like routine.
They find it soothing.

I like doing things my own way.

Too much sameness drives me nuts.

So, we need to enjoy our lives a little more.
Show the people we love more TLC.

We just need to give ourselves permission to put our left foot in and know that it's OK.

It isn't so hard.
It can't be THAT hard.

Men don't seem to have trouble.

Maybe it is mostly a woman thing.

I know, I used to think about everything my mom did and what I'd get done and I felt pretty pathetic.
But, it isn't a contest.

I used to feel I needed to parent the same way and do dinner the same way.
If I didn't, I wasn't doing it right.

But, you know what?
I am not my mom.

I don't WANT to be my mom.

So, I really don't know why I thought I needed to do this or that.

It is my life and I need to live it as I see fit.

I still feel guilty sometimes.
But, less and less all the time.

Love me, love the dust in my house.

I have some cookies to bake.
I have a mean game of battleship to play with my daughter.
And I have a rock concert to attend with my husband.

Is my house perfect?

Is my life perfect?
Hell, no! Far from it.

But, I don't need perfect. I'd feel funny living in perfect.
I just want to enjoy my life.

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