Friday, October 29, 2010

My Day Has Arrived

So, today is my birthday.
I'm 39.

I really had a pretty good day.
It was uneventful.

That is how I wanted it.

Usually every year, I want a nice gift and people to tell me happy birthday.
But, today I just didn't care.

Deep down.
The fact that I got no presents whatsoever does in no way bother me.

OK, so that is not COMPLETELY accurate.

My lovely daughter made me a slideshow on video that I absolutely love.
It is the sweetest thing.
Even set it to Happy, Shiny People by R.E.M.- which is a song I love by a band I love.

I just have to figure out a way to save it to my pc after she made it with a mac program.
Cause I'd like to keep it.

I got to do what I wanted.
Which is Chicken enchilada dip & chips and a great movie.
I chose Constantine.
It fits the time of year and we all love it.

I really wanted to watch When Harry Met Sally.
But Kiddo is not impressed with those types of movies.
Meaning a movie that has no violence, no superhero flying and the possibility of kissing.

So, even though it is MY birthday I was nice and didn't subject her to that.
Maybe I will just watch it later by myself.

But really, I didn't do jack shit today.

I did get up at the godawful time of 5 in the am to bake my pumpkin cinnamon rolls.
Than after getting the kid on the bus, I took a hell of a long nap.

Got up, and did

I should do more of that.

Than I made the dip, and we all watched the movie.

And now, here I am.

Thinking about how I should maybe wash my dishes.
I don't want to.
But, I know sooner or later, before bed I will feel compelled to do them.

I hate that little neurotic part of me that makes me wash dishes before bed and fold all the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.
Cause if you leave them in the basket for anything of time, they get all wrinkly.
And who wants that?

But we all have some little strange compulsion, don't we?

I'd really like to end my day doing nothing and not caring that I did nothing.
I will have to let you know how that went.


  1. Well I am all about birthdays: SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH!!!!!! WOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOO, IT'S YOUR DAY... CELEBRATE!!! I'd break out in song, but suppose that would kill your ear drums

    Hey thanks for signing up as a follower on my blog today, you really made it a good day for me.

    Let me return the favour!


  2. Hi Ruth! Happy birthday. It's a day too late, I know. But, I was early this year, right? LOL! Sent you an ecard on Tuesday. And, that was way too early. You know where my mind has been this week. I should have sent a second ecard on Friday.

    I'm glad you got your birthday meal and favorite movie. I love Constantine too.

    Is that the one with Keanu Reeves and the devil?

    I love that movie.

    The screaming girl on the ceiling was super creepy.

    Will have to watch that again soon.

    Happy belated birthday.


  3. That's the movie. Thanks, Bev.


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