Thursday, October 28, 2010

Function Junction, What's Your Dysfunction?

Some words of wisdom today.
I know.
You can't wait.

There is no such thing as a 100% functional family.
There is always some sort of dysfunctional aspect to it.

There are just different levels of dysfunction.

It runs the gamut from the worst at sex abuse to yelling and screaming to not talking things out like you should.

If anyone says they are a totally functioning family all the time, they are seriously full of shit.

You know why?
Cause EVERYONE has baggage and they don't just leave it at the door when they grow up and start a family.

If it were only that simple.

Just stick all your troubles in a bag and leave it wherever you want.
I wish I could do that.

Granted my childhood was nowhere near as fucked up as some people's were.
But, it wasn't perfect by any means.

Just when you think you have put everything behind you-
Whoops, there it is.

And of course, your spouse has his baggage.

No matter what some of it will end up in your family.
You can go through all the therapy you want.

You can think you have left everything behind, but there is always going to be something.
Cause it's in you and cannot be gotten rid of.

So, no matter what you hear spewing from the mouths of Dr. Phil or whoever, there is no such thing as a perfect family that always talks everything out and always has fun.
Where everyone knows where they stand all the time.

That's a fairytale.
Life isn't a fairytale.


  1. Amen sista!!!!! In all my life, I have never come across a fully functional family! There is no such thing!

    Good post!


  2. Thanks for the comment. And congrats on being the very first person to leave a comment on this blog.


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