Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dishes Come With Directions?

I finally broke down and bought a set of dishes.
Nice ones, not the cheap ones you can fling around and they won't break.

I was so done with the old rooster plates in the cupboard that came with the house.
And my "move out of Mom's house dishes" were pretty much done for.

So, I went on the hunt for some cool, somewhat upscale dishes.
I found them.
I bought them.
And in the box with them were directions.

Imagine my surprise.
When did they start doing that?
And why?

From how to clean them to how I should put them on the table.

Oh my God!

Here is a picture of the dessert bowl. Isn't it pretty?

I love my dishes.
But, I don't really think I needed directions.

This belongs in the list of things that don't need directions but have them anyway.
Like soap.
Or gum.

It's all just kinda self explanatory.

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