Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yay For Garage Sales!

I love me a good garage sale. I love the bargains I can find. Who says you can't find quality at bargain basement prices.
These are some things I got today.
I collect glass decanters and the two above are the latest in my collection.

This is another of my great finds. $10 for this bad ass leather coat. Can you say AWESOME!

These are freebies that couldn't be gotten rid of so I lucked out there.

I got all these books for a dollar. I was looking through the stack and the lady told me I could have the whole stack for $1. Can't resist a bargain.

This is another coat I found for 50 cents. I found this before the leather coat or I may not have got this.

So all in all I spent $13.50 for all this.
It was rainy today. And cold. But, it was also a day of great bargains.
We held our own garage sale and all in all made over $100. Yay!
I have always loved garage sales.
There are such bargains to be had. Over the years I have gotten a great many things that I still have.

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