Friday, September 3, 2010

Cashier Lady, Aren't You Forgetting Something?

I really don't know why I always have to be the one that gets the cashier that charges me double or forgets to put my stuff in the bag.

It's not like I can just run across the street and get it.

I live in the country next to a tiny little town in Iowa so when the cashier leaves my roast laying on the counter at Fareway, that means I have to turn around and drive at least a half hour back to pick it up.

That really happened

I get home and start putting everything away and I realize I didn't see my roast.
So, I call the store.

OK, they will hold it to when I can come get it.

So, my husband drives back to get it and turns out the cashier lady had never even noticed it laying there.
It was still there when I called and the man just went up and took it back to the meat counter.

How could you not notice that sitting there for a half hour?

And when Honeyman goes in and gets it, he gets all these apologies.
from the lady that didn't give us the roast we paid for.

Another time, I had gotten charged twice for one item.
I think that was in same store, different cashier though.

I didn't complain too much about that one because I had gotten free chicken another time.
It was on the bottom part of the cart and we assumed she scanned it or keyed it in so never even noticed til way, way later.

So, I am thinking the chicken and pop double charge pretty much cancels each other out.

But, now there is the roast incident.

And just yesterday we went to Walmart and I bought my daughter some eyeliner.
It got scanned, but it didn't come home with us.
It was $1 so a bit far to drive to Ankeny to get it. That is about 50 miles from my house.

I seem to have this problem.
I buy things but it doesn't come home.

Even years ago this happened.
Way before the free chicken.
So, it isn't karma biting me in the ass.

Probably 20 years ago, I bought a cake from the bakery in a grocery store and I get home and it's not with me.
My sister told me the person behind me probably got it in her bag.
How lovely!
Happy birthday, Lady that I do not know.

Another time, I bought envelopes and same thing.
No show.

Is there something wrong with me?
Does life want to screw with me?
Or do I just end up with a lot of stupid cashiers?

Maybe they just don't get paid enough to care if people get their stuff.
Well, you can't put a price on...

...yeah, I guess you can.

It's called a receipt.

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