Friday, September 3, 2010

Letters, Words? Hmmm, I Think I'll Do Both

Yes, it is time for me to break out another one of my seemingly, endless pet peeves.

You know when people say ATM machine?
They shouldn't do that.

Ya know why?

ATM stands for

So, when you say ATM machine, you are in fact saying automated teller machine machine.
Like WTH?
See, I didn't say WTH hell.
Cause that would just sound stupid.

If you are going to use letter abbreviations, you just don't use a word in the letter abbreviation after it.

It sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.

Like, in my daughter's school, all the kids say ITBS tests.
ITBS stands for

So why say tests after?

Apparently, the teachers in her elementary all say it.

That really makes me worry about the public school system.

OK, that is not the only thing that makes me worry about it.
It is just one of many.

But, teaching students redundancy and idiocy ranks right up there.

I understand no one is perfect but, shouldn't you know what you are saying when you say it?

I mean, who repeats the last word of every sentence they say?

If I did that, people might think I had some sort of medical condition.
Or at the very least...


Don't you think think?

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