Monday, September 6, 2010

Choices, People!

We have choices to make.
Big choices.

Chunky or smooth?
Wavy or flat?
Baked or fried?
Do I really want fries with that?

It is the world we live in.

It ain't simple, but it's what we got.

Everything in life is a choice.

From the time we wake up... the time we go to sleep.

These are the types of choices I love making.

What should I bake for snacks?
That is a great choice to make.

Forget the HUGE decisions like who should be governor this fall.

That is so not a fun choice.
I rather like- spaghetti or chicken enchiladas for supper?

That isn't to say I don't vote.
Cause I do.
It just isn't fun.

And life should be fun.
At least sometimes.
Don't you think?

It shouldn't be all about working to give money to companies for services and government for services.
It shouldn't be all about saving for the future and our children's education.

There has to be some fun in there or what is the whole point of even doing any of it.

So, pancakes or oatmeal may seem like a small choice to make.

But, to me
It's big

You know why?

Cause it is all my choice.

It is my world and I get to decide and I get to be happy with my decision.

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