Friday, September 17, 2010

Missing The Good Old Days

Ya know, I do.

I know we have the internet now.
Which is pretty nice.

But, I miss a lot of how life used to be.

I miss the simplicities of life.

Like if you hated your job cause it was shit, you could quit.
Cause you knew you'd find another one before you lost EVERYTHING.

I miss how when companies would send you things in the mail that you didn't ask for, you didn't have to pay.
Since you never ask for it to be mailed to you.

When you got a free edition of a magazine, you used to get the free one before a bill came.
Now a bill comes and you never even got your free trial yet.
That so pisses me off.

You used to be able to go to the doctor and if you had insurance, you didn't have to pay anything until they heard from insurance.
That was so nice.
Cause what if something came up and you were short of money so you don't have co-pay money?
You just don't go, that's what.
I even know an ER that expects a co-pay before being checked out.
What a load of crap.
My daughter has pneumonia and can't breathe, but OK here's your money.

By the way, I don't go there anymore.
Besides that, they have crappy doctors.

What about loaner cars?
Car dealerships used to let you have a car to drive when they had to keep your car.
Not anymore.
You have to rent a car or find a way to get home.
Seems like they don't want you sleeping on their floor.

You used to could send a check to some place cause you knew by the time they cashed it money would be in the bank.
Now, most places represent your checks electronically so that isn't a such a great idea. Chances you won't win.
Mail is faster too so the odds are all the way in the company's favor.

You didn't have to worry about having caller ID just to make sure it wasn't a telemarketer on the phone when you answered.
I don't even think there was such a thing as telemarketing 25 years ago.
Yeah, that do not call law.
It works SO WELL!

All the companies do is not put their name on caller ID so you don't knew who is calling.
So you can't report them.

Bravo, Congress!
Another well though out plan.

Yes, we have drive-thrus everywhere for everything.
We have direct deposit.
We have debit cards and ATMs all over.

But, when it gets right down to it,
I liked things way back when.

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