Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, Are You Dead?

Exactly what kind of a email subject is that?

A phishing one, that's what kind.

It came from Nigeria and I am the long lost benefactor of some dead relative.


That is unless I am dead.

Hence the question.

So, I guess I am dead since I do not plan to answer.

I do have to hand it to the Nigerians.
They are a persistent lot.

Those and the people trying to sell me Viagra.

Number 1, I am female so I have no need.
Number 2, I have drug insurance so I think I could still get it cheaper if I had to buy it.

My ISP wants me to BUY spam protection so it won't even come to me.

Don't I give them enough money?

Hotmail and Yahoo do it free.
Why is it so hard for my ISP?

Plus, they'd probably screw up and send me things with my email and my husband's email as the sender even though it is spam.

I wonder how they do that.

Isn't that kinda weird?

Why would I send something from my email to my email?
Maybe from one email to another one of my emails.
But not from the same one to the same one.

And since it says its it's from my exact address to that address it doesn't go to my junk.
Even though, it so obviously is.

I know you can send copies of cards to your email and it has your email as to and from.
But, you don't have the subject as
Viagra @ 60% off
Cause, Hallmark doesn't have cards for that.

I know.
I have been to their site.

For many of these email sending people
I would like to say

Good-bye, I AM DEAD!

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