Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's My Reflection Period

So many things are happening right now and every thing makes me think.

My daughter turns 14 this coming week.

It is great and yet kinda scary.

It truly does not seem like she should be so old.

I can still see her riding around on her dad's back like he was a horse.

And now she is in her final year of middle school and wearing braces.

Mom used to say the older you get, the faster time goes by.
So true.

Before I know, it she will be out on her own.

This year there is so much more going on.

I have a friend that is getting married tomorrow.
Good for her.

She has waited so long to find the man she wanted to marry.

So that is another great thing going on.

But, I also found out today another person I know has breast cancer.

Things like that puts a lot of things into perspective.

She beat it once and now it's back.

Now, thinking about how I am going to juggle all the bills this month seems a lot less insignificant.

I know the bombing of the twin towers is in a lot of people's minds.
And it is a very bad thing that happened.
There is no doubt about that.

But, all my thoughts are a little closer to home.

And in the end that is what you need to bring back from everything you experience in life.

What really matters to you.

For me it is everyone that I care about.
As it should be for us all.

Celebrate life! That is what it's all about.

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