Friday, September 10, 2010

Pears and Apples, Oh My!

I received a huge bounty from my parents this week.

I had told my mom that I'd take some of her pears when they were ready cause she doesn't really want them.

So, Mom decides to give my a boatload.

A boatload.

This isn't even all the pears. I have some over on some racks that I normally used for onions and garlic.
None of those this year so a pear holder it has become.

Plus, Dad picked me some apples.
A bushel full of apples.

So I am going to be busy for some weeks to come.
I now have to make jams and jellies.
Sauces and butters.
Pies and breads.

Oh, the fun I will have.

I didn't even take all their pears and anywhere near all the apples.

I have a feeling I may be sick of pears before it is all over.

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