Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sayings, Cute Or Corny?

Do you have some old sayings stuck up in your brain that your parents or grandparents used to say?

I do.
I have some doozies.

Not sure if they fit either cute or corny...
OK, maybe more corny,
but they make me laugh for some strange reason.

Maybe cause they are a bit goofy.

I thought I'd share a few with you.

Here goes.

God didn't dam it the beavers did.

That comes from my mom.
Now where she got it, I will never know.
But, that is why one should not say Goddamn it.
Cause He didn't.
The beavers did.
See the logic there?

I do find it strangely hilarious.

Another gem is about the walk/don't walk lights and crosswalks.
My grandpa used to say this when the little man turned green or the walk was on.

Don't walk and run like hell.

When I was little this always confused me.
It says walk, not don't walk.
But, my mom always said he was right cause the walk sign always seemed to switch to don't walk when you're in the middle of the street.

After all these years, it is a fond reminder of Grandpa, no matter how goofy I still think it sounds.

As a small child, we tend to get pouty lips when we are mad.
Heard this one a million times.
My dad's words of wisdom.

If you keep stickin' your lip out like that a bird is going to come poop on it.

Come on!
The odds of a bird pooping on your lip is pretty slim.
So, that has to make cornball category.

She'll get glad in the same pants she got mad in.

Another of Mom's.
Children don't seem to hold grudges for days. Most likely, they will quit being mad while they are wearing the same clothes.

There are others, but these are the ones I remember hearing most often.

Some old sayings are so corny, that you can't help remembering them.
I am glad I can remember them.

Ya never know, I may just have to pass a couple of them down myself.

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