Saturday, April 23, 2011

Towns Across Iowa

Iowa is a state made up of small towns.

In fact, our large metropolis has under half a million people. That's including all the suburbs and the towns close enough to be a suburb now but wasn't always.

I was born in a small town, grew up in a small town, and currently live right outside a small town.

There are some nice things about small towns
like not as much crime and it is quieter.

But, sometimes it is not always great.

If you don't go to church-Me
you stand out.
Some people think that means you are evil.

If something happens, people know about it.
Seriously, old people and coffee time is code for " did you hear so and so spent the night at so and so's house?"
But, people my age do it too.
" What's his face got so drunk last night up at the bar".

It's amazing what goes on.

But, some of our towns have some interesting names.

Argyle- like the sweater

Beaver- 50 people in the whole town. Somehow I doubt there is a whole lot of beaver there.

California Junction- in Iowa, not sure where that came from

Clear Lake- where Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens died

Correctionville- no prison so I am assuming it's the capital of grammar state

Cumming- seriously, that is how it is spelled

Crystal Lake- Jason has not been seen

Dike- named before Dike was a bad thing to call someone, I bet

Jamaica-  Not very tropical

Lorimor- interesting because as kids we used to say my sister had a town named after her.

Moorhead- Nowhere near Beaver or Cumming.

Paris- No Eiffel tower

Ricketts- Isn't that some sort of medical problem?

I'm sure all states have towns with interesting names.
Do you have any where you live?


  1. Growing up in a small midwest town, I know exactly what you mean about the good and bad. Anything done wrong anywhere or in school got back to your parents before you even made it home! Non-conformity is definitely frowned upon, and gossip runs rampant. But there were good things I miss too, and I will always think of it as "home". Lots of strange town names in South Dakota as well, but the one I find most funny is the capital of Pierre, prounced pee-air worldwide as in the French it originated, but in South Dakota we knew it only as "peer", and to call it "pee-air" would have certainly drawn stares and comments about acting all "uppity"! :-)) Good memories, thanks for sharing!
    ~Josie Two Shoes~
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  2. There is something to be said about small towns. Like you I like them sometimes and others I don't.

  3. I lived in a small town for a couple of years and I Love/hated it. They are great because you know everyone and less crime more space stuff like that. But I hated it because EVERYONE knew my business and made stuff up about me. And there was nothing to do. Only like 2 restaurants and 40 mins to the nearest Walmart and Heb. Where I live now is perfect. A big enough town that we have a walmart and a Target but not so big I am afraid to walk down the street or I wake up to a police raid across the street at 4 in the morning. I know my neighbors but not every one else in town. I love it

  4. OT, I'm just glad the grocery store is open past 4:30, unlike when I first moved here.

    Amber, That's why we don't go into town much.
    There are 2 restaurants, but we can go 20 minutes to go to 3 different bigger towns so that isn't so bad.

  5. Here in Colorado we actually have a town called No Name!

  6. can't forget What Cheer here in Iowa.

  7. MJ, that is funny!

    Laura, no we can't. Though the what is pronounced like watt so I don't know why it is spelled that way.

  8. Josie, I have no idea why this got put into my spam comments.
    I always thought it was pronounced Pee-air.


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