Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Kid- The One and Only

I have one very special 14 year old daughter.
I always refer to her as Kiddo.

Even back in my teens I figured I would only end up with one child.
I remember telling my mom that and also that if I didn't have a kid by age 30 I didn't want one.

I figured I would be too set in my ways to raise a kid.

Well I had one kid at age 25 and she is totally enough for me.

Not sure why, but some people think people should want kids- in the plural.

If a couple doesn't have any, some people think it's odd.
Those same people seem to think it is odd to stop at one.

When Kiddo was about a year, I was asked by another mother about having more.
I told her that I didn't want anymore.
So, she asked if I had bad labor.
She just looked at me oddly.
It was as if she couldn't fathom me only wanting one.

When I got my tubes tied when Kiddo was 18 months, my mother-in-law tells me "it's OK, it's reversible".

My primary doctor asks me " What happens if your daughter died?"
So, maybe she dies and I can just have another kid and all better?

We went through tough times and when things got better a friend told us that now things were better we could have another kid.
That ship has sailed.

Once when Kiddo was about 4 I thought it might be nice to have another baby.
But, I didn't really.

I am really glad in so many ways I stopped at one.
Kiddo has had so many health problems and I can't even imagine trying to take care of another one or two more or figuring out who can watch them because she had an EEG that day or surgery.

I just don't have the patience for more than one.

I did a good job with the one I got and I am happy.

My kid.
My Kiddo.
My one and only.


  1. So many well-intentioned people say the stupidest things, don't they? I totally get that you only wanted one...I can think of many reasons why that would work well. I'll bet she feels quite special as a result. I am sorry to hear that she has health issues. I know the fear and heartache that can bring to a mother. This was a great post!

    Have a great day. :)

  2. Jamie, She's growing out of the worst problems, thank goodness. But there have been side things happen as a result of those health problems.
    I know. I don't know what some people are thinking when they say what they do.

  3. I have always wanted kids. And I love having 2 but because they are so close together I did not get to savor their infancy. I am so sorry your baby had health issues. They are so awful. The worst.

  4. I can agree with this as I myself only had one. Well one pregnancy (I ended up with twins). I got my ex wife's tubes tied after the birth because neither of us wanted another set of twins.

  5. Amber, because they are so close in age they well have a pretty tight bond. And that's a good thing.
    OT, twins would be tough.

  6. One is good. I have two (surprise!). I'm glad they will always have each other, and I love them both very much, but life would definately be easier and cheaper with only one. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  7. Thank you for stopping by Sylvia. That is the one thing I worried about with Kiddo. Her being lonely.But she likes not having to share so it works.

  8. I used to be called "kiddo" by my Pa-Dukes. I always liked it. Sorry to hear about the health problems. Glad to hear she's growing out of them!

  9. Hey Ruth - As you know I am pregnant and we are only planning on having the one child, so many people have been asking so how many do you want? And they look so disappointed when I say just one. What is wrong with that? I will tell you: Nothing! There is also nothing wrong if a married couple wants to remain child-less. Its a choice. My husband is an only child and he says wasn't lonely, constantly busy with friends, neighbors, etc. I am just happy we were blessed to get pregnant in the first place and with no problems! People say the DUMBEST things - that is why I ignore them MOST of the time! :) :)

  10. Matthew, I don't know if Kiddo likes being called Kiddo or not. She hasn't complained so she must not mind.

    jd, yes they do don't they.
    Did you see the post I put up with the link about free baby stuff?

  11. I didn't see that until now, but, I will check it out thanks so much!!


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