Friday, April 22, 2011

I Saw the Sign

Whenever I go somewhere anymore I try to remember to bring my camera.
You never know when you might see something photo worthy.

I still wish I would have had my camera for the shit on a shingle sign or Congress Needs Funk.
But, what can you do?
So here are a few signs for your viewing pleasure.

Never think there is no hope. Because there it is. That way.
These convenience stores are all over Des Moines. I have heard it referred to ejaculate and evacuate. And in this one you can do it without touching.

Do you see anything wrong with this sign?

Interesting name for a company, don't you think?

OK, this isn't really a sign. But, I just kept thinking if this person keeps this minivan long enough, they could enclose the perimeter of the license plate with the registration stickers.
What part of bottom left corner is so hard to understand?


  1. These are hilarious. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your comment and visit on my blog.

  2. I have so many lost pictures because I have forgotten my camera. You never know when you are going to need it, right? I have started throwing my little point & shoot in my purse just in case. funny pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for sharing your funny photos. Kum and Go is a little bit bad, lol.

  4. These pics are really funny, they can be part of the funny signs on Google images. I love the truck one.

  5. Alex, where have I been? I have never looked up funny signs on Google images.
    Glad you enjoyed them.

  6. OMGosh ....awesome post! You make me laugh. And yeah, when I moved to Iowa and saw the Kum and Go's I was flabbergasted. I now just refer to them as squirt and leave's.

    Happy Saturday! :)

  7. Hope abounds - we have a place called Hope on route to the canyon - but whenever I drive through it - I'm less then hopeful. (restaurants are not so good)

    Very funny pics! I too try to keep a camera handy, one never knows what will fall in our path...

    Cheers, Jenny

  8. Jamie, I don't really give them much thought anymore- they have been around so long.
    Squirt & leaves is a new one. :)

    Jenny, that Hope is in Minnesota.
    Cameras are important. I miss some really great shots when I forget it at home.


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