Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a Thought


Just a Girl.

Sometimes I want to

Just Dance.


Just Got Paid.

But, it seems like it will be only me.
Honeyman hates to dance.

He tells me, if you want to go,

Just Go.

But it costs money and I am not good spending money on me.
Even if dancing feels

Just Like Heaven.

I know its

Just For Tonight.

and I should

Just Chill.

I should

Just Breathe
Just Push Play

and  be

Just a Guy

and go out and have some fun.


Just a Girl- No Doubt
Just Dance- Lady Gaga
Just Got Paid- Johnny Kemp
Just Go- Lionel Richie
Just Like Heaven- The Cure
Just For Tonight- Vanessa Williams
Just Chill- Travis Barker
Just Breathe- Pearl Jam
Just Push Play- Aerosmith
Just a Guy- BC Jean


  1. My husband won't dance either. I don't know why, as a rule, women like dancing more than men. It's a bummer.

  2. OT, this A-Z thing is really stretching my brain. Thanks.

    Belle, He will oblige me at weddings but most everyone we know is married or divorced so that doesn't happen much.

  3. Really cool idea for J. Now I'm singing "Just A Girl" in my head :) Thanks for this one!

  4. Septembermom, Thanks. That's been going through my head too.


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