Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Need A Little Reminder....

... Of why I thought having a child was a good idea.

Redheads are supposed to be stubborn, but I got nothing on this kid.
She got it from her dad.

It is quite interesting when he decides she is going to do something and she decides she is NOT.

She starts high school next fall and got her schedule done.
There is a journalism class and she won't sign up for it.

The kid loves to write.
But, she " hates deadlines".

I went over the requirements for graduation and she needs one Fine Arts elective
which is 1 semester of band, chorus, theater, design/drawing, or journalism.

She doesn't do chorus or band.
She hates being in front of people so theater is out.
She doesn't want to take design.

So, she decides she will do chorus and I point out all the stuff about it that she hates and she keeps giving me the evil eye.

I mention journalism.

And she informs me in a real nasty tone that she isn't doing journalism.
And walks upstairs.

I don't get it.
She spends hours and hours on her laptop writing stories.

I know journalism isn't fiction, but it's writing

It's going to be a long 4 years.


  1. This made me laugh - been through it!

    Here...try this...
    Tell her you've been giving it some thought and you thing band would "rock" and use words like "totally cool" and "hip" - freaks them out!

    Then...this is important - stress that you really don't think journalism is such a good idea - after all there can only be one great writer in the household! (just so you know I'm writing this tongue in cheek)

    Not that kids can't figure out the whole reverse psychology thing but it's fun to mess with them a bit and not take life so seriously.

    If writing is her passion - let her find it her way - it's just easier!
    And...she might like band - it does help with the writing!!!

    Cheers, Jenny (I want to know how this turns out!)

  2. Oh kids. I don't have any, but I figure she will probably come around and find a way to fulfill her passion for writing. And we all remember freshman year sucked! Still painful all these years later.

    Take care-

  3. Jenny,
    I will have to try that. Honeyman told me that he thinks that keep trying to get her to take it will backfire.
    Talking about how much fun it will be watching her in concert could work.
    Thanks for the advice.
    I'll keep you posted.

    She posts a lot of stuff on the fanfiction website. And she really seems to love it.
    Yeah, the freshman year sucked.

  4. if she doesn't need the elective this year, then don't stress on it this year. she should know by now that everything in school has some kind of deadline. so she is probably just being obstinate because mom and/or dad mentioned it and it wasn't her idea.

  5. Laura,
    As it turns out, they already did the signing up for journalism for the coming year so I am still hoping for her sophmore year.
    She never even mentioned it til after the fact.
    I am sure it's going to take that long to get her to thinking it would be a good thing to do.


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