Friday, April 8, 2011

That Certainly Was Gratifying

Every time I pay a bill, I get a sense of gratification for getting that bill paid and one step closer to the end of the payments.

At the same time, I hate having to make that payment.
I just want to keep that money and spend it on ME.
Or save it to fix my house, whatever.

Gratifying is the sense of satisfaction from doing something.

I don't know if I ever have a total handle on that.

I love eating all my homemade jam and salsa but the gratification doesn't come until after I have it all done.

Parenthood is not all gratifying.
Many days I just feel an enormous sense of frustration.
She is a teenager- nuff said.

I have a good kid.
She is responsible and kind to others
so I do feel gratification from that.

But, once again that is after I went through all the crap to get her that way.

Whatever happened to feeling it in the moment?

I think I may have missed the seminar on how to do that.

I just do because it needs done and than I can feel satisfaction or not about it later.

I think I may need to practice my inner Buddha and just be peaceful and serene with whatever it is that I am doing when I am doing it.
No matter what it is.

Not sure that will lead me to gratification of things while I am doing them.
It really couldn't hurt.

Gratification- it's where it's at!


  1. I like how you remind us to "feel it in the moment." Wouldn't life be much easier if we tried that? Happy to find you through the challenge. I had to take a second look since we have the same template. Take care.

  2. Feeling it in the moment is so important. I often get mired in the everyday frustrations and forget the joy of playing with my kids. I stopped and spent nearly an hour just playing with them today and THAT was truly gratifying.

  3. i think parenting can feel like nothing so much as an exhausting, head-banging drudgery sometimes when we're laying down the law & sticking to our guns. but the end result down the road is usually a really positive thing.

  4. Semi True, it is easy enough to do. I don't play with Kiddo as much as I should but it is fun when I do.

    Sherilin, You are so right there. KIddo had so many problem- physical and emotional and I was just getting through it all. And than one day I just realized how very grown up she was and how great she has turned out.

  5. This is a great post! Gratification comes in many forms I guess. Unfortunately..not often enough, at least in my case.

    I hope your weekend is wonderful. :)

  6. Jamie, thank you.
    I hope you have a great weekend to.


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