Friday, April 1, 2011

Aqua, Aqua!

I have embarked on a journey of health and hydration.

Lots of fruit and fiber.
And the all important water,i.e. aqua.

I have been drinking aqau almost exclusively for the last couple of weeks.
Frankly, I am about all aqua-ed out.

I used to drink tons and tons of iced tea.
With sugar.

And than I got to figuring out how much fluid I was taking in and deciding I needed to drink more.
And to be healthy, it has to be straight up aqua aka watah.

No caffeine.
No sugar.
No flavor.

Just boring water.
Excuse me, aqua.

I have tried putting in lemon juice.
Is it just me or does the lemon juice sink to the bottom?
I stir and at first it's OK.
Than I hit the bottom 1/8 of the glass.
And Ew!

Plus, now I am wearing a path in the floor between the computer and the toilet.
Maybe I should just move to the bathroom.

I have an outlet for the computer.
The toilet.
A sink to get more water, ahem I mean aqua, to drink so I can use the toilet again.

Fool proof plan.

Except for no food and no bed.

I was hoping to see a bit of weight loss from drinking all the aqua.
So far it just ain't happenin'.

But aqua is good for me so I will keep drinking and hoping that it will make me thin and fabulous.
Skin radiance is supposed to be another benefit, isn't it?

OK, I want that too.



  1. I used to drink tons of Coke, but I gave it up and now only drink water, sometimes milk or lemonade. It seems like I'm LESS thirsty since I have less options. I HAVE noticed a weight loss though, but my skin still seems the same...

  2. That's great! I drink a lot fo water too. But I add a tsp of Bragg's apple cider vinegar to mine. That's supposed tobe good for the skin too. :-)

  3. Good job Ruth... Ice tea was my drink too! And I tried lemon juice, but I got hives from it! So its all about the water and toilet for me too! Awesome job my friend!

  4. Thanks, Olivia.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    I used to be a Mtn Dew fiend. Than I'd give it up and fall off the wagon and back and forth. I finally switched to tea and have been stuck on that. Now it's water.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    I tried the apple cider vinegar before and I got heartburn.

    Thanks. The toilet part sucks, doesn't it? lol!

  5. How about lemonade made with equal? Aqua is better cold to me. You have a fun blog, Roland

  6. ohhhh water! I drink it by the gallon daily! or heat it up and magic it into chai!

    Greetings from a fellow
    A to Z blogger :)

  7. Oh! And I see you only have one award. That won't do!

    I give you the stylish blogger award, you can pick it up over here:

  8. Thank you, Roland. I appreciate you stopping by and for the follow. I don't do sugar substitutes. I know I'm weird.

    Sylvia, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the award and the follow.
    I have me a glass of water right now. :)

  9. Several years ago I went from living on caffeinated diet sodas to drinking only "aqua". I felt a hundred times better and slept far better too. In recent times I've slipped into the iced tea habit, and then sweet tea, sometimes with the now direly-warned against Splenda. I try to balance those drinks with more aqua and do drink at least a couple bottles daily, but I need to get back to more of the healthy pure H20 and less of the sweet brown stuff that stains my teeth and makes me rounder! Aqua IS good for you, and they do make some little flavor pour ins now that are minimally invasive if you get tired of drinking flavorless brew. Good luck to you!
    ~Josie Two Shoes~
    Two Shoes In Texas 
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