Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pondering the Demise of the Pom-pom

Remember the pom-pom?
Those huge, huge pom-poms cheerleaders used to cheer with.
They were so big, they were like hula skirts with handles.

They just got smaller and smaller until they went away.

Now they have these spirit balls or cheer balls.
Oooooh, fancy.

You can still find actual pom-poms with handles.
But, they are the same size as the spirit balls/ cheer balls- whatever.

The so called large pom-poms are not that big.

A REAL pom-pom is a pom-pom that is so large a small child could play hide and seek in one and get lost.

How can one get all worked up into a cheering frenzy by shaking little itty bitty cheer balls?

You can't.
Cheering isn't dignified so why try to make the accessories look so?

Let's hear it for the big-ass pom-poms!


  1. LMAO. I actually wondered about this very subject last football season when I took my kids to one of the games at my old high school.

  2. Big-ass pom-poms..yeah! Yeah!! YEAH!!!

  3. cheer balls just sounds wrong.
    happy p & q days!


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