Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Would Have Thought My House Was an Airport

Did you know it can apparently get too cold for LED lights to work right?

It can.
Though I only just found this out.

We got these SNAZZY new Christmas lights. They are totally awesome.
14 different functions
AND it has a remote so I don't have to go outside to plug them in.
I just get to stand in the doorway.
How awesome is that?

Well, Christmas has come and gone and the lights are still up.
Cause it's so freaking cold.
I am just that good.

I thought- Kiddo has to get on the bus in the dark.
Stupid school
but, anywho
There is a solid white light function.
I will just turn it to that so there is a little extra light.

Since we are in the country, there are no street lights so night is-well- dark.
OK, early morning.
But, roosters have not crowed so it might as well be night.

It got seriously cold the other night.
And when I turned the lights on they came on and started flashing.
Not blinking like Christmas lights.
Flashing like a cell phone tower or those airport lights.
Super bright white lights just flashing.
It was like bad strobe lighting.

The outdoor cats were all freaking out.
Probably wishing they would have stayed in their little houses.

The remote would not shut off the damn things.
Tried unplugging and plugging back in and that didn't work.

So, they got unplugged and stayed that way for a couple days until the temperature was above 0.

Now we are kosher.
And I don't have to worry about planes landing in my backyard.


  1. Well...I learned something new, and I'm glad an airplane didn't try to land in your back yard.

  2. Me too, plus it probably scared any animals away that shouldn't be hanging around anyway.


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