Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Ahead! Smell It!

My hair is a magnet for smell.

No matter what I am making or who I am around, I will pick up smells.

And certain smells don't want to wash out.

If I spend any length of time around people smoking cigarettes or anything else, I am going to smell like a smoker or a pothead and the smell is worse when I get my hair wet in the shower.

Good reason to stay away from those people.
Ok, I realized that sounded bad.
My dad smokes so it's not like I'm going to stay away.

I can just wash my hair and if I make supper or bake, I smell like what I just made.
And if I am lucky it's a combo.

Like tonight.
I made scalloped ham and potatoes so I have the ham smell goin' on.
I also made these butterfinger bars so I have a sweet chocolate/peanut butter smell mixed in.

It isn't pretty.
Pretty nasty, actually.

And in the winter my hair gets so dry that it doesn't do well when I have to wash it multiple times a day.

I really don't know why my hair is such a sponge.

Honeyman smoked years ago and my hair always smelled worse than his.
How does such a thing happen?

The shampoo I use doesn't matter.
My hair just sucks all the smells up like a vacuum cleaner.

Maybe I need to start wearing a kerchief on my head like Aunt Jemima.

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