Monday, January 31, 2011

No, She Wasn't Bit By a Snake

Sometimes I learn from Kiddo.

I guess I am not in the know anymore.
Maybe that dates me.
Do people say "in the know" anymore?

What do I know?
When she first started saying "my bad" I told her that sounded retarded and not to do it anymore.
I didn't realize it was the new way of saying "excuse me, my mistake".

I still think it sounds like idiot speak but I will chalk it up to the sign of the times.

But, now I find out that snake bites are not something you get from a snake anymore.

She comes home and tells me one of her friends got snake bites over the week-end.
So she says it again and I'm thinking a snake bit her.
So I ask and she tells me it is a type of piercing.
Two studs under a person's bottom lip.

I have a cousin with a Monroe.
Stud over the top right corner of the mouth.
When she told me she was getting one, she had to explain what it was.

There are so many types of piercings now that they all have their own names.
I just thought it was ring with location in front- like nose ring or brow ring.
You get the idea.

I had to explain what snake bites were to Honeyman so I guess I am not so clueless after all.
Usually he seems to know all this stuff before I do.

Then I proceeded to tell Kiddo she is not getting piercings on her face.
She doesn't want them, so that's good.

She does want to dye blue streaks in her hair, but that's not happening either.

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