Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Time to Jam!

Back in my youth music soothed me.
The louder the better.
The heavier the better.

I am first a heavy metal fan.

I go through phases where I listen to a lot of pop.
Though certain "singers" or bands I just can't handle.
Sorry, Justin Bieber.
Sorry, Weezer.

I do alternative rock like REM.
It makes me feel good.

I went through a time when I got away from listening to much music and I don't know why.

Music uplifts me.

My nerves get wound and threaten to choke me and I just have to break out the tunes.

My choice tonight is Offspring.
I love them.
They make me want to get up and dance.
If you have never heard them, here's a link to one of their videos.
Embedding is disabled.

I can feel my mood get better with each song.

When I grew up, my mom always had the radio on in the morning.
Maybe that is why I have to have my music.

Do you ever wonder why you ever get away from something that is such a big part of you?

You think it is such a little thing and not a big deal so you just don't do it.

You give up enough and you just don't feel like you anymore.

Life really should be about the little things.

Stuff happens and things get in the way and it's the little things that really give us the most joy.

That's why I have my music, my baking, and my ginormous clawfoot tub to take monkey water baths.


  1. Sounds like you know how to make your life very content...the only way to really live life to its fullest.

  2. We are kindred souls on the music issue! Music has always been my redemption even on a horrible day. Music has defined the best and worst times of my life.


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