Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Have to Eat!

I have this urge to eat, but I'm not hungry.

I hate it when I do that.

When I was 20 years younger, it was no problem.
I could eat everything and not gain a pound.

But, I am 20 years older and I have been spayed so I gain easily
and lose- never.

But, still I feel like eating.
Just to taste some yummy food.

Cheese, glorious cheese
Makes everything scrumptious!

I could go for some skittles
Taste the rainbow!

Afterward I would feel bad.

Gum just doesn't cut it.

A drink doesn't work.

What is it those trainers say?
Whenever you feel like getting something to eat, drink a glass of water instead.
You won't feel like eating then.


But, I don't want water.
I want taste.

Maybe it's cause I know I need to shed some pounds and psychologically my body is screaming "NO".
And it is trying to sabotage me.

Maybe if I can ever conquer the need to eat, I will actually lose something.

And crap, I have cheesecake brownies in the fridge.


  1. A dill pickle works, but it isn't much of a substitute for cheesecake brownies. Cheesecake brownies...mmmmm.


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