Friday, January 14, 2011

And the Stupid Shall Inherit the Earth

I think they are in the process of taking it over.

Why do all these companies and government agencies pander to the stupid?

It only allows people to realize they don't have to use their brains.
They can be dumb as a box of rocks.
They can sue.
Because, " You didn't tell me!"

Some lawsuits are valid.
But, come on.
Who mows a hedge?
A dumbass, that's who.

And so the stupidity grows and grows and grows.

Fabulous example:

The FDA is now requiring vicodin to lower the amount of acetaminophen in the product because people don't know that is one of the key ingredients.
So, people are taking Tylenol on top of the vicodin and ending up in the ER.

Actually, the pamphlets that come with all pharm drugs say ACETAMINOPHEN. The bottle says APAP.
All pharmacies have to give out pamphlets saying the name of the drug prescribed, the ingredients, reason for use, and possible side effects.
Wouldn't you want to know what APAP is?

Whose fault is it that people don't read?

OK, I admit that I read everything.
I read those pamphlets.
I read loan papers and insurance policies.

I just like to be informed.

But, shouldn't we all want to be?

Isn't it better to take a couple minutes out of your day to read the pamphlet and know what you are taking than to end up worse off because you were stupid?

All this is getting out of hand.
Maybe it was already out of hand.
Now it's getting out of arm.


  1. I totally agree, this idea that if people are not told everything the lawyers are going to have a field day is simply disgusting. Have you noticed how long the commercials for new medicines are? That's because they've got to tell you about any possible side effect known to man.

    How about the instructions on the frozen pizza box? 'Do not eat pizza frozen'...'nough said!

  2. Once when I was visiting mom, I got a sinus infection. Her doctor gave me two medications, and I took the pills. Then I read the paperwork with one of the medicines and it said will cause liver failure, not might cause liver failure. I tossed both bottles and just suffered it out. I was left wondering why a doctor would prescribe something like that in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if doctors even read the paperwork themselves. It is amazing how so many medications exist today that are worse than the disease. I read everything now.

  3. @ Alessandra, I know. They spend more time on the bad things that can happen than the good.
    Frozen pizza-lol

    @Clipped Wings, when my daughter had her tonsils removed the antibiotics the dr. prescribed had the side effect of a sore throat. I don't know what he was thinking either.


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