Monday, January 17, 2011

The Title that Never Was

Nothing is jumping out as a name for today's post
so it is what it is.

Sometimes I just hate the way my mind works.

Someone says something or writes something and I almost feel like it is directed at me.
And intellectually I know it's not.

I really hate that I still have insecurity issues.

Other times I know it isn't directed at me, but apparently someone else believes it is directed at them.

So in all cases, it may be or it may be not.(may not be? whatever)

Maybe to a certain extent we all have a bit of insecurity.

I know, just when I think I have mastered my self esteem "issues"
one tiny little thing seems to bring it all back.

With that comes the feelings that no one really gives a crap what is going on with me and so I don't tell anyone.

Right now, I am at that place again and I hate it.

One day I will snap out of it and be fine for quite a while. I won't care what any one says about me or that they never acknowledge me.
I'll be happy being me.


  1. I think so many problems, arguments, fights etc. are the caused by misinterpreting when another says. I try to weigh my words usually, but I know a lot of people don't, so I give them the value they're worth: nada.

    Sorry, you're in a funk, but if you want to talk about it, I'm here. You can email me if you prefer. Don't worry girl, the only people you have to think about are those you love and that love you. Everybody else can go you know where...:)

  2. I'll be fine, thanks. I get overwhelmed by things and after a while I just have a meltdown.
    Anything and everything bugs me.

  3. Hey lady- I deal with the same thing! Hang in there.


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