Monday, January 31, 2011

Maximum Exposure

Do you ever notice when something big happens in the news you are bombarded with it day after day until there is nothing new to tell and still they tell you?

Then, all of a sudden you don't hear anything.

Like when a so-called important person dies or gets injured.

I have figured out the news will mention it everyday for 3 weeks, maybe 4 if they can drag it out that long.

I guess they figure that is enough, anymore and people get tired of hearing about it.

I was tired of the non-stop coverage after a few days.

Especially when there is nothing new going on.

Most people have a computer or know somebody or someplace that has internet access.
Just let the people that just HAVE TO KNOW look it up.

I don't know if there is just nothing that these news companies consider as better ratings getters or if there really is no other news to fill up the time slot.

I think I could find them some news.

All kinds of stuff is going on with normal people.

I love news. I watch it all the time or read it all the time.
Sometimes, I think too much.
The world's a mess and sometimes I wish I didn't know how much of a mess.


  1. Well, I don't watch the news everyday anymore, because I get so tired of being reminded of all the bad crap. A lot of news is fairly bias (what one chooses or not chooses to show), and ratings matter most. There will be something bad in one part of the world and they wear it out reporting it day after day after day. In another part of the world something equally bad will happen and you hear nothing about it. It all boils down to what will make the best story.

  2. I totally agree. They go on and on and repeat themselves ad nauseaum. Do you know how many times I watched that freakin white Bronco on the freeway? Just because we have channels that broadcast news 24-7, it doesn't mean that newsworthy things happen all the time.

  3. I think I am a news junkie. It's like I have to know if anything big happened but I turn it on and it's just same crap different day.


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