Saturday, January 8, 2011

After Taking Down the Christmas Tree Don't Forget to Check the Oven

Today has been a very industrious day.
And I am not done yet, people.

I have once again learned something very valuable.
Knowledge is just so never ending.

So, I started off my day by making french toast for Honeyman.
Seconded that by mixing up a batch of my 100% whole wheat bread.
Next came time to take down the Christmas tree and the decorations.

So, we are later than most.
But, we buy a live tree and want to get the most out of it.
Hey, it's not July.
We're not that odd.

Kiddo helped me take down the tree.

Mind you, we have a tiny house and the only way to take the tree out of the house is through the kitchen.

The tree was bushy.
It bushed out a ton after we got it home.

So, taking it through the living room doorway into the kitchen was a chore.
Now, it's in the kitchen and there is still not a lot of room.
I knocked over a kitchen chair and left needles over the top of the stove.

Eventually, I got it out the door and drug it down to the burn pile.
Came back in and cleaned up the house.

I thought I got all the needles.
That was just not so.

My bread was ready so I turned on the oven.
When it preheated, I stuck the loaves in and went to start laundry.

I came back in the kitchen and it just smelled horrible.
I thought something was burning.
But, everything on top the stove was fine so I checked the oven.
At first, I didn't notice.

Then, I saw it.
There it was laying innocently beside one of the coils.
It was the tip off of one the the tree branches.

I should have thought to check the inside of the oven.
Silly me.

I am thinking it must have squeezed through the ....
Oh, hell!
I don't have a clue how it got there.

It just didn't want to go out with the rest of the tree.
So, instead it got burned up in the bottom of the oven.

That's my lesson for the day.
Isn't learning great?


  1. It certainly is interesting. I'm an oddie and a half, as my decorations are still up, lol.

  2. So many people I know have them down the day after Christmas. That's just way too early.


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