Friday, January 7, 2011

I Was Old From the Start

I just found out something totally new this week.
Apparently glasses are for old people.

My cousin says so
so it must be true.

She is in her 30s and is just now getting her first pair and so she says she is getting old.

I was two
Or maybe a little earlier than that when I got my first pair of glasses.

They were a sight to see, let me tell you.
My mom still has the evidence in her photo album.

But, they were old lady glasses,
just like my mom and the old ladies at church wore.
Not the big round ones.
The ones that are kinda small and horrible.They weren't sunglasses but that's the close shape.
Hideous to put a child in one.

My next pair are what I like to call my Buddy Holly glasses.
Yes, those square black, thick frames that no 5-8 year old girl should have to wear.
But, my dad had a pair and they never broke so Mom thought they would be good to get.

Ya know I just can't imagine why a red headed girl(uncommon at the time) wearing Buddy Holly glasses would be ripe for getting picked on do you?So, I got the glasses and I got the old lady name. Too bad wisdom didn't also start so young.


  1. Oh...I remember those cat eye glasses, as we all called first pair of glasses after it was finally decided I really couldn't see what everyone else was looking at out the car window. I have photos too, ha ha ha. Love your subtle humor.

  2. Thanks. Nice to have you visit my blog.

  3. I had glasses too at an early age, mine were shaped kinda like ray-bans but with a thick brown frame, just lovely. So I moved on to round red glasses (think Sally Jess Raphael). All I can say is thank God for contact lenses and laser surgery...

  4. I have had so many kind over the years. Sometimes, I look back know and wonder what I was thinking on some choices I actually made. But, those were the styles.


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