Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Get Out in 5 !

Kiddo is a full fledged teenager and there is no escape.

I am getting attitude and there is no time off for good behavior!
For me, not her.

She has a set amount of time she is allowed for the internet per day.
She got that.

Than tonight there was a song she wanted to hear and it was on the internet so she got on to hear it.
Didn't think it mattered for just one song.

Yeah, I know it was just one song.
But, she doesn't get it.

She knew she wasn't supposed to and she did it anyway.

But, I am the bad guy for making her shutdown her laptop.

I get the sullen looks and defensive manner a lot.

I asked her about school today and she went on about how she has to spend 8 hours a day in school talking about school stuff and she doesn't want to have to come home and talk about it.

You can almost hear the violin can't you?

I don't know what she is going to do when she gets in high school and has to do actual homework.
At least I assume there still is homework in high school.
I know I had homework in 8th grade and she barely ever does.

I have heard so many times that I need to pick my battles.
But, it is hard when she makes EVERY THING a battle.

I miss my little girl.

Not baby little.
I like kids potty trained, eating solid food, walking, and talking.

But I miss the girl that was always happy and laughing.

Now, she has been replaced.
Probably by an alien.

I can see glimpses of her,
but I'd like her back full-time.

Sometimes I think the teenage years are kind of a prison sentence.
You do your time and you make it through.

You have to go flat-
no such thing as parole.

I do think I may have earned it though.


  1. You have earned it. Very good post. Almost like poetry.

  2. Well, thank you. :)
    Nice to see you.

  3. it will get better. i have said for a long time. their second decade of life is kinda a repeat of the first. they are older yes, but attitudes kinda start repeating themselves in a way. terrible twos - preteen years and so on.


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